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Veterinary Digital Solutions or V D S is a privately owned company, est 2004

Owner: Philip Wiebe
Location: Ontario, Canada
CAN  519.963.7272
USA  810.420.1600


Distributor and Installer of AlisVet Veterinary Software.

Vet Rx Labels - Custom designed for Veterinary medical prescription vials.

Aylis Web Design - Specialized Web Design for Veterinary Hospitals.


Software Updates
We can provide software update services are available for your veterinary software.  Please select the menu option updates to the left to pay for this additional service.

Custom Remote Training Systems
We can provide customized remote training for your entire veterinary hospital staff.

Specialized Web Design for Veterinary Hospitals
We provide high quality specialized web design for veterinary hospitals through aylis design
Computer Hardware Consulting
We work on your behalf to negotiate the best quality and pricing on your computer hardware needs.

WE DO NOT SELL HARDWARE.  Contact us to learn about this unique service.

Backup Consulting and Design
We can review or design your backup systems, install and manage automated backup, keep your backup running fast, efficient, and costs under control.